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CLW Financial Planning, LLC

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Sanford, NC 27330
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Why We do it

We are passionate about providing independent objective advice without asset management or product sales because we want to bring meaning and purpose to your financial life. We believe that you should use money to make a life.

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What We Do

We are advice only advisers. We love to walk on a journey with our clients to advocate, educate and help them fetter out what's most important. Once that happens, we tie the financial goals to the values that are most important. We do this through the life planning approach.

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Who we serve

We serve individuals who are nearing retirement that want to learn and become aware of why they make decisions; and to work toward goal planning that supports their future thinking. In other words, creating goals that begin as a wish for yourself, for your family or for your job. It becomes an opportunity to dream BIG.

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CLW Financial Planning, LLC

Welcome to our Web site, where you’ll find a wealth of information in the form of newsletter articles, calculators, and research reports.

My passion in life is helping you decipher all the jargon, weed through the noise, dig deep in determining what's most important to you and then walking along side you to design YOUR plan.  

My goal is to be your partner in helping you create goals that mirror your values, priorities and dreams.  

You are the centerpiece of the relationship.  

Just imagine….

  1. Creating a plan that excites you
  2. Having a blueprint to follow each and every year
  3. Creating a plan that gives you confidence in knowing that your family is take care of
  4. Knowing the ranges of living expenses that work in retirement
  5. Knowing with confidence that your goals/dreams are now a possibility

"Finally a Financial Advisor that's advice-only!"