Mission Statement


I’m Carolyn Larsen-Wieber, the owner of my own financial planning business.

I started this business after 24 years of being in the CPA  world working with clients helping them with all sorts of tax and financial problems.  I found that the numbers were only half the story. 


Let's face it, our life isn't a number on a page or a cash flow statement.  I believe in the importance of designing a plan that includes your most important goals and values.  I found that many of my clients where so busy working and being on  a hamster wheel that they couldn't even identify what was most important.


I recognized a gap in the general financial planning industry.  The missing link in the traditional planning was truly exploring and envisioning a life filled with purpose and meaning to my client first and not necessarily trying to amass a large sum of money.  That’s why it’s important that I know who you are and what you care about because it is the centerpiece of the work we do together.  My passion is to get to know you in a meaningful way and help you create a plan that excites you.