For Advisors Only

Are you an investment advisor, attorney, trust officer, CPA, or Life insurance advisor dissatisfied with trying to be everything and spread too thin?  Do you want to service your client more holistically while sticking to what you love to do?  If so, working with CLW Financial Planning LLC will benefit you and your client.

We all know that specializing in one area is more efficient for both you and your client. 

Are you passionate about serving your client but just don’t have the resources or the time to do it?  What if you could outsource the financial planning process and increase your client base with the type of work you love and give your clients the opportunity to have a unique financial plan that you help implement?

I coordinate with your client and his/her advisors to build a team of professionals.  The team approach to client service provides a coordination similar to a family office.  This coordination of team that I am the center of creates a cohesive integrated plan.  These types of plans have higher implementation rates. 

Are you frustrated by the many recommendations you've made which never got implemented?  Financial decisions are 90% emotional and my life planning approach helps each person become aware of their money stories and money scripts.  My process results in a financial portfolio(that you recommend)  that is built around high levels of client self awareness and advisor understanding.

I created this business to provide Life planning + Financial Planning to clients without asset management or product sales so that they can have independent objective advice and be better educated about the choices they have to make. 

If you would like to learn more, please contact me.