What We Do

CLW Financial Planning provides tax focused professional advice, asset management, financial planning, and tax preparation in a one stop shop to clients without asking them to turn over their assets or to sell a product.  This includes a values-based, life centered approach focused on the client’s values, dreams, and visions.

We provide tax focused professional advice to those seeking to harmonize their finances or solve complex tax or financial problems, along with asset management.This includes business owners and professionals seeking a work optional lifestyle and individuals with complex tax and financial problems. 

“Like the North star, you are my guiding light as I sail into the night.  Even though I’m alone I know everything will be all right."

CLW Financial Planning is a financial planning firm providing advice for business owners and professionals who have a wide range of needs and goals they aspire to reach.  Many want a work-optional lifestyle and have specific bucket-list items they want to accomplish.

Carolyn Larsen-Wieber has developed and refined a process to address and unify all those needs, and it’s called the The North Star FORMula™.  It focuses on where you are now, where you want to go and provides the guiding light on the path of your critical life events


▪ What’s important to you?

▪ What do you want to accomplish?


▪ Strategies to protect your family.

▪ Strategies for freeing up time to concentrate on your occupation

▪ Strategies around planning your recreation



▪ Customized planning strategies

▪ Financial, Estate and legacy planning

▪ Ongoing continuous Service

▪ Concierge VIP services including tax preparation