Who We Are

"The function of an ideal is not to be realized but, like that of the North Star, to serve as a guiding point."  -- Edward Abbey

CLW Financial Planning LLC is an advisory firm for a select group of professionals and business owners. We have learned that we cannot be all things to all people nor do we want or expect to be.  We focus on a very specific fit process that allows us to serve those clients for whom we are most suited.  We guide you through a fluid and dynamic process tailored to your individualized specific needs.  This plan is fluid and changes as your needs and life events change. 


CLW Financial Planning LLC and the North Star FORMula follow our proven process to ensure your goal of financial independence is pursued. Having developed and refined this proprietary process, the North Star FORMula, some things have become clear…


At CLW Financial Planning LLC, we recognize that we are not all things to all people, nor do we want or expect to be.  We are all things to some people and our client relationships are based on a very specific FIT process allowing us to partner with those clients we are most suited for.  In doing that, we are able to provide an elevated client experience keeping all the pieces of each client’s individual financial plan in place.